How to prepare yourself for the Paqui One Chip Challenge

Have you heard of Paqui’s One Chip Challenge? Paqui first introduced this challenge by creating the world’s hottest chip, at the time, from Carolina Reaper peppers. They first had a limited release in 2016 and challenged people to post their reactions on social media with the #OneChipChallenge.

The chip comes with its own individual red packaging, that is sealed to keep the freshness of the chip. The packaged chip is then boxed in a unique coffin shaped box. Both with a classic grim reaper picture to signify your death if you decide to eat it.

Photo: Paqui

Because of its popularity Paqui decided to release the chip in 2017 with the same chip packaging, but a slightly modified coffin box design. This became viral over the two years and everyone from YouTube personalities, celebrities, and even athletes were trying it. Watching the videos of people’s reactions were hilarious! The chip quickly sold out and the only way to find one was buying it from a reseller, like on Ebay. One of the funniest reaction videos I have seen was Shaquille O'Neal.

The one chip challenge has returned again! Paqui has released a new chip for -their one chip challenge that is even hotter than its predecessors, making this the hottest single chip in the world. This new version of the chip is a blue corn tortilla chip that is seasoned with a black powder made from Carolina Reaper peppers, which is the most noticeable difference from the previous challenge. The black chip along with the new packaging makes this new challenge more intimidating. The chip packaging is red with a skull and the coffin box is now black with a giant red skull design. The challenge is already so popular that the chip is sold out on their site.

We at Hangrymates decided to partake in this challenge! Knowing that we wanted multiple people to try this one chip challenge we decided to purchase the Paqui One Chip Challenge Hell in a Box Collectors Set. This collectors set includes 10 Paqui One Chip Challenge chips, 10 bandanas, 10 stickers, 10 milk shot glasses, gloves, hourglass, One Chip Challenge pamphlet, and a “I’ve been to hell and back…” trophy.

You can watch our video of the unboxing of this Hell in a Box below.

There are warnings on the packaging to handle with care and to make sure you wash your hands. It also warns to keep out of reach from children. The pamphlet shows a little bit of warnings and directions on how to complete the One Chip Challenge. What is new to the challenge this year is that you have to eat the chip and not eat or drink anything for as long as you can.

Preparing for the One Chip Challenge:

Based on our experience of attempting the challenge you will need the following to help you prepare for the One Chip Challenge. First we highly recommend gettings gloves. The collectors box included gloves, but the single chip does not. The chip is very powdery and you don’t want that on your fingers and touching your eyes because it will burn.

The second thing you will need is milk and/or ice cream, which is great for cutting the heat. After eating the chip they said that they had burning in their throat and milk helped a little bit, but ice cream was more effective.

Third, have a towel or paper towel handy to wipe the sweat. Our box included bandanas to wipe the sweat, but paper towels or cloth will do the trick.

Fourth, get soft toilet paper. The chip is super spicy and will mess with your stomach, maybe not right away, but you might feel it for a couple of days. I guarantee you will be visiting the bathroom often, so you will want the soft toilet paper.

Finally, just make sure you eat something before attempting this spicy food challenge. Doing this on an empty stomach could really have longer painful effects. Just try to eat some carbs like pasta or bread.

If you are in the mood to see something entertaining, you can check out our video with some of our colleagues attempting this challenge! You can see out of the three people who tried it that won the trophy. You will also see someone in a Batman mask! Do this challenge at your own risk!

If you feel brave enough to try, but you are having a hard time finding the chip, this is your lucky day! We are giving away 3 Paqui One Chip Challenge chips! All you need to do is like, subscribe, and comment on the video above to be entered in a chance to win!

Here are the thoughts from our participants:

“My overall experience of the one chip challenge was fun, but painful. Looking at the video now, I see that it was worth it and left a lasting memory. However, I had such bad stomach pain for several days after the challenge and made frequent stops to the bathroom that were unpleasant. The chip was not bad at all. The packaging and the chip looked intimidating, but the taste wasn’t bad at all. When I first started eating, it didn’t have any tingling spices or strong smell. I think that’s what made this chip so scary. Super spicy taste doesn’t hit you right away, but it slowly sneaks up on you. After a few secs, your stomach feels hot, then the strong hot spice kicks in. I don't remember too much from the challenge, but one thing I do remember is that my stomach felt like it was trying really hard to digest the chip. Then, my mouth started to get numb, but the heat started to hit all surrounding areas of my mouth. I ate lots of ice cream post chip because I was trying to get rid of that numbness and hotness. Milk didn’t seem to help much, it only made my stomach feel worse. My senses started to come back after 10 mins. I started feeling better and stopped sweating profusely. However, the stomach pain continued to linger until the following day.” - Batman

“Going into the challenge, I was feeling very nervous. Not only because this was about to be the hottest thing I ever ate, but because I was afraid of the aftermath… I watched other videos of people attempting the one chip challenge and it just made me feel more nervous. After eating the chip, the heat hit me instantaneously. My whole mouth felt like it was on fire and it felt like everything was swelling up, especially my lips. This feeling lasted about half an hour and the only thing that really helped with the pain was good ol’ ice cream. On the plus side, after eating the chip, my spice tolerance has increased exponentially!” - Eric

“Biggest mistake I made was trying to enjoy the taste of the chip like it was a Doritos. Bad idea... I had to inhale the other half of the chip so I could finish the challenge. The taste was pretty terrible by the way, like a piece of cardboard, 0/10 would not repeat. The heat lived up to the hype though - my sweat glands were pouring, nose running, mouth drooling, eyes watering. I'm just thankful Batman shared his ice cream with me, a true hero! - Eddie


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