Hangry Mates Food Throw Challenge

Welcome back to our blog! This time, our team Hangry Mates, decided to do a food related challenge in preparation of the release of our game. Hangry Mates is a mobile app game created by a group of friends over a casual dinner. Our company was started and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Hangry Mates is the first ever food throwing game with real face photo integration. The game allows you to take real time photos of your soon to be hangry character creating hilarious visuals and a unique one of a kind gameplay.

Our goal is to create a really fun and unique game that people could play together and have a good laugh over. In an age where there is such an increase in technology use, we thought it would be a great idea to make a game that would bring people and communities together.

As mentioned above, we thought of ways to prepare the launch of our game. Then, we decided what better way than to create a food challenge, which we throw food at each other to catch with our mouths, in different environments! The temperature is seriously dropping here in Maryland, but we did not let that stop us. We went out in the freezing cold weather, and we had so much fun!

We shot video footage over two days. The first day was at a park, where we decided to try throwing and catching food on a playground. First at the kiddie slide and one of us even tried catching food while hanging upside down. Then, there were the swings, where trying to catch food while swinging. This was one of the more difficult tasks for the thrower to time. Our thrower for the swings was able to get the timing down and even threw food to two different people swinging at one time! The challenge then moved over to the park’s soccer field and ended at the parking lot. We noticed someone in a car that was watching what we were doing and was super confused. HAHA! Maybe we should have invited them to our food challenge.

The second day we decided to do some footage for the video in our office. We then went back out into the cold to get some video at the stairs in Towson leading up to the Towson movie theater, a Cinemark. On the stairs we tried two ways of catching food. The first was to have the thrower at the top of the stairs and the person catching move towards the stairs. This was just as difficult as the swing challenge because you have to account for someone’s movement. Probably the moment of the day was when someone tried to make a catch but totally failed, letting it hit them on the face! The second was to have the thrower at the bottom of the stairs and have people catching on multiple levels of the stairs to catch.

We tried this challenge throwing foods like cupcakes, pizza by Digiorno, hamburgers, donuts from Dunkin Donuts, fried chicken from Royal Farms, tacos from Taco Bell, and mini ice cream cones from Blue Bunny. Obviously some of these food items were going to be hard to catch but we wanted to make it entertaining. The taco, fried chicken, and pizza slices were the hardest to catch. The fried chicken breast was probably the hardest to catch using your mouth just because of its size. It was funny in our video when the fried chicken breast hit someone in the face! Many of our teammates were able to catch the cupcake and mini ice cream cones easily. We did have some catches of the donut and hamburgers, which were really sliders.

We created this video to not only bring awareness of our upcoming game to the community, but also to have fun with our community and to create a food throw challenge. We challenge everyone to find creative places to throw and catch food at fun and unique places! You can see our food throw challenge video below.


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