5 creative ways to curb your Hanger

Hangry? Many people get irritable and angry when their hunger overtakes their patience. This situation is often referred to as hanger, the deadly combination of hunger and anger. It can ruin your mood and can also ruin the mood of others around you. When you become impatient, you can act or do things that you would never normally do. Being hangry is a state of mind and no one should ever put themselves in because nothing good comes from it.

Take these five tips to curb your hanger before you get extremely angry.

Snack when hungry:

The first hangry remedy is to eat a snack the moment you start to feel hungry and you know you won’t be able to have a meal anytime soon. It can’t just be any type of snacks, unhealthy snacks or junk foods like chips, candy, or cake can provide temporary relief to hunger but it doesn’t seem to keep you content. For me, getting full on junk food just doesn’t make me feel good afterwards. So even though the Snickers commercial tells you that “you aren’t you when you are hungry, so eat a snickers”, you might want to consider something healthier.

Just like consuming a well balanced meal, eating a snack that is balanced with protein, fat, and carbs is what will help you overcome hunger longer. Snacking smarter is what I would recommend. A snack which includes nuts is a great choice. Nuts contain protein and fiber content, which helps you feel satisfied. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals, which tend to be a great go to snack to hold you over in between your meals. Just don’t over do it with the nuts because they are also high in fat; a healthy fat, but you still want to consider having that balance.

Fruits and vegetables also make great snacks. Based on this article, researchers have found that a higher consumption of fruits and vegetables resulted in greater energy, calmness, and more happiness. There are many benefits to fruits and veggies consumption besides just being your hanger solution.

Eat grapefruit:

Eating a grapefruit is not only healthy, but it can apparently minimize your appetite and keep you cravings away. This article shows that grapefruit is a great natural appetite suppressant, but also has other recommendations. It is a low-calorie food that is rich in soluble fiber, which helps keep blood sugars steady and make us feel fuller faster. Some people say that eating one grapefruit a day is extremely beneficial and helpful when dieting. I have also read that oranges can have the same effects, because oranges like grapefruit, are high in fiber.

Try not to skip a meal:

Making sure you don’t miss a meal is important because it provides your body constant energy. A meal every four to five hours is the recommendation. Skipping a meal could lead to tiredness and drop your blood sugar levels, which are some key factors in becoming hangry. Hunger with tiredness and low blood sugar levels are reasons why someone would get hangry. A missed meal also has other effects like loss of focus from low brain function and mood swings. This article from Women’ Health goes deeper into the side effects of skipping a meal.

Eat fiber:

Having meals with fiber is a great strategy to prevent hanger. Eating more fiber in your current diet is a great way to fill up your stomach because it takes up space in the digestive system. Fiber provides steady energy to your body over a longer period of time by helping to regulate blood sugar levels and insulin response. Fiber also has many other health benefits like being a natural detox, healthier bones, reduce the risk of cancers, and lower risk of heart disease. Here are some recommendations of foods that are high in fiber.

Keeping busy:

Distracting yourself with something can always keep your mind off your hunger. For me sometimes when I am at work and I am very busy I won’t even notice that I am hungry. This might not be the best solution for curbing your hanger, but it could work for some people. Keeping busy with work isn’t the only distraction. Playing games, surfing the internet, or maybe even reading a book could also be an option for you. For many younger people, games are popular from computer games, console games, or mobile games. Mobile games are easily accessible from your phone and could easily keep your mind off your hunger for some time. I was browsing through the internet and came across this game that is perfect for this article, HangryMates! It could be a fun game to pass the time by throwing food at someone’s face.


These aren’t just the ways we can curb your hanger. Stayed tuned to our blog to see if we talked about other hangry remedies!


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