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Hangry Mates

New game from Hangry Mates, LLC

We have all experienced that hangry spouse, friend, relative or co-worker and their ridiculous behavior from being hungry. It's imperative that you feed them before their anger erupts!


Hangry Mates is the first ever food throwing game with real face photo integration. The game allows you to take real time photos of your soon to be hangry character creating hilarious visuals and a unique one of a kind gameplay.


You must aim to satisfy by flicking variety of foods to your hangry mate reducing the hangry meter to complete satisfaction to finish the stage. 


There are 20 stages, streaks, multiplier bonuses and special abilities that make for a challenging and addictive game. Can you save your mate from hanger?

Key Features

Version 6.221

-Hilarious live face on cartoon bodies 

-Addictive gameplay

-Special abilities 

-Streak! Multipliers, challenging levels. 

-Interfering Animals

-Bonus levels


Game Screens





April 2020

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